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Huntsville AL Tenant Advisory

Tenant Advisory

At Dean Commercial Real Estate, we help tenants search and select office, retail, and warehouse space.

Leasing space that suits your specific commercial needs can be a daunting task, especially in the ever-changing real estate world. But you can rest assured because we will take care of finding your next office space while you focus on your business strategy.

As tenant advisors, we will help our clients find space for rent and negotiate the best terms and lowest lease rates possible.

Working with Dean Commercial Real Estate Professionals is both time-saving and cost-effective for all business owners. We will handle the hard work of searching for the right location, interviewing the landlords, previewing the space to ensure it meets your needs, and then, negotiating the best lease terms to keep your business moving forward.

What we do

Relying on data-driven research and in-depth knowledge of the real estate market, we can provide you with market advice on the type of commercial property you will need to grow your business.

Whether you intend to lease office space, retail, medical, or warehouse space, we will find the most suitable space that fits both your day-to-day business needs and your budget.

Office space is the number one requirement for every business. Whether you are a small delivery company, startup software business, or a large finance corporation – you need office space. This is where the decisions are made that impact your business growth and opportunities. Your preferences about the type of building for your office may vary. Depending on your business needs, you might want an old house, office building, or a modern downtown space. At Dean Commercial Real Estate, we will match your specific taste and business requirements with suitable rental space.

Finding space for your medical practice requires special considerations. Whether you are a dentist, dermatologist or chiropractor, your medical practice needs to be in a high traffic location for visibility.  Ease of access is also a huge benefit to your patients. At Dean Commercial Real Estate, our numerous years of experience working in the Medical field will be a considerable asset to your business.

The principal requirement for warehouses is threefold: I. is accessibility to your location for ease of deliveries, II. is adequate loading and unloading space, and III. Is adequate space for storage. Many warehouse spaces also need office space necessary for performing everyday administrative tasks related to their business. Our agents will find you a flexible workspace that meets all your requirements.

Let us cooperate

At Dean Commercial Real Estate, we are committed to finding the ideal location for your business. To that purpose, we will learn everything about your business requirements and use our years of experience and market expertise to find the perfect place for your enterprise.

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