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Property Management

Property Management

Are you overwhelmed with the everyday mundane tasks of running your commercial property? Is dealing with these tasks robbing you of the precious time you need for developing business strategy and making crucial investment decisions? At Dean Commercial Real Estate, we have you covered. We will successfully handle your commercial property so that you can utilize your time for more productive tasks.

There are two types of property management: commercial (non-residential) and residential property management.

Dean Commercial Real Estate property managers excel at dealing with commercial property, such as offices, retail spaces, warehouses, shopping centers, and industrial buildings. We love working with retail, medical, office complexes, industrial and warehousing.

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In providing a top-quality customer experience to our clients, we handle every aspect of your property, offering a complete package of commercial property management services. That includes dealing with everyday tasks, regular maintenance, securing tenants, capital improvement oversight, comparative market analysis, financial management, and accounting.

With our professional guidance, dealing with everyday tasks has never been easier. We will take care of rent collection, addressing tenant complaints, accounting, and bookkeeping. The moment you leave mundane issues to us, your commercial real estate will become a passive source of income.

Every commercial property needs occasional repairs and general maintenance. With our network of quality contractors at our disposal, maintaining your commercial property will not only be hassle-free, but you will have the peace of mind that your property is in the best hands!

Introducing the newest features,’ energy efficient upgrades and improving the functionality of your property is the surest way to stay profitable. Increasing rent prices and attracting tenants is only possible if you conduct regular capital improvements and renovations.

To enhance the overall value and increase the functionality of your property, we will organize and oversee the structural and aesthetic improvements of your commercial real estate. Introducing the newest features at your property, installing energy-efficient appliances, and upgrading bathroom infrastructure is the surest way to stay profitable. Raising rent prices and attracting tenants is only possible if you conduct regular capital improvements and renovations. Now, you can tap into our abundant source of knowledge and take your business to the next level.

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Whether you are new to real estate investing or simply seeking to add more time to your schedule, leaving your property management to the professionals will afford you the freedom to focus on your business!

From coordinating the network of maintenance workers to supervising your capital improvements project, we will provide you with custom-tailored services to suit your individual needs.

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